Frequently Asked Questions

What to do first, how to proceed and why.

what are the initial steps for considering a new design?

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how is a new design developed?

New design starts with analyzing the architecture, the bones of the building.

What is a rendering?

A rendering is a digital or watercolor illustration of a proposed design. In order to conceptualize the project these sketches are produced and edited until the design is finalized and ready to be implemented in the space.


What is a mockup?

Mockups are physical, three-dimensional examples of the proposed work. Similar to renderings, mockups provide a glimpse of the completed project. In churches the mockup often takes the form of a full scale example in the church of the decorative design proposed for the interior. Not only is this an excellent way to “try on” the design but the excitement of possibilities acts as an excellent fundraising tool within the parish.

Is a beautification plan expensive?

Think of it this way, a bad paint job can often cost just as much as a good one so instead of painting the church one color pick out a few more. Beautification plans vary in cost depending on the extent of the proposed work. You cannot buy taste but you can buy expertise, we are capable of beautifying your church within your budget.

Why should a church be beautiful?

why are you even here?